Monday, February 20, 2012

Welcome to the World Vintage Barbie

Finally, an online portal for Barbie afficionados. Let's hear out from our fellow Barbie doll collectors. This site is open to tackle Barbie issues. Like it or not, Barbie is here to stay as long as there are little girls and girls at heart. 

First on the line, a timely discussion for Barbie vintage dolls, limited-edition dolls, modern Barbie dolls. Watch out as we unveil the secret information of season's most celebrated doll --- Barbie.

Future stories will reveal the hundreds of Barbie doll listings, images, identification, appraisals and collectibles. We are as excited as you are. Hopefully young girls could have access on us as we have plans of making our community more fun and engaging. 

Keep up with us pretties!


  1. nice! I love Barbie! but I think my daughter loves her more than I do lol

  2. Hi! Is the picture a vintage barbie?

    1. yes, those were the pioneer models, esp. Ponytail #1 :)

  3. I love Barbie as a kid. It's nice to see how far she'd become in last couple of years & in the years to come. Technology might soon be part of Barbie...aerospace Barbie, anyone?
    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I uberly love barbies! I actually still have my barbies in my glass case ^^,


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